eCommerce ConsultantFirst, a really quick intro…

I’m Mark. Pleased to meet you.
(I told you it would be quick!)

Learning the easy way…

I help online businesses like yours to grow, and become more profitable. Extracting every penny out of every item, and then selling more of them.

I’ve run a successful eCommerce business for 9 years, trading on several online channels. As well as gaining a vast working knowledge of maximising sales on these channels (Amazon, eBay plus many webstore platforms) during this time, I’ve personally tweaked every part of the business (warehousing, customer service, stocktaking, returns etc)┬áso its runs AEAP (as efficiently as possible) which in turn means labour time is at an absolute minimum. If you’re a one-man-band, that means more time to spend increase your sales – which means more profit. If you employ staff, that means a lower wage bill – which means more profit.

Once running efficiently, we can then concentrate on getting your items visible, and we have some amazing tools for that too.

I can come out to your business, or we can work online. Whichever way you prefer, although unlike many other consultants I also concentrate on operational tweaks – so being in your premises would normally be required at some point in time.

Any questions? Please contact me!